Albert HunT


Private Lessons

In lessons, students learn basics of performing music on the clarinet. This includes developing an understanding of basic music theory, form and structure. We learn how to learn, and musicians become independent artists.

Private Lessons are open to clarinetists of all ages and skill levels. The basic requirement is a commitment to becoming a better musician.

Student Achievements are in the “News.”


I am so appreciative for everything you’ve done for me –  your infectious happiness and warmth and unique insights have inspired me to reach for unimaginable heights here at Princeton, as a musician and a human being. I always felt so eager to learn every lesson we had, and I am thankful these traits have stayed with me through all my endeavors.~ Kevin M.


My weekly lessons with Dr. Hunt have increased my appreciation of the clarinet and improved my ability to play. His enthusiasm keeps me striving to be a better player week after week. ~ Jared G.